Saturday, 1 August 2015

Murmurs: a paranoid romance... with tingles

Excellent news: at last you can contribute financially to the Institute, as we have launched our first ever crowdfunding campaign. And if you can't or won't pay up, why not consider sharing our project with your social networks?

Here's the link you'll want to follow and/or spread:

The movie was directed by the Institute's Mr Cole under the mentorship of the great Béla Tarr, and follows a 36 hour date between a reclusive ASMR superstar and a remote security image analyst with a metal plate in his head. Shot in Sarajevo on a miniscule budget, the crew just needs a bit of help from our audience to ease the movie through post-production, sound design and distribution.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

From The Ground To The Stars (Lost In Bosnia) in Hong Kong

Lost In Bosnia, the omnibus movie made by 'young colleagues' of Béla Tarr including the Institute's Mr Cole (35), plays in Hong Kong this afternoon and again at the weekend.

WHEN: Tuesday, 31st March 2015, 17.15; Saturday, 4th April 2015, 19.30
COST: HK$65-75
NOTES: "Three years ago, after the Silver-Bear winning The Turin Horse (35th HKIFF), celebrated Hungarian auteur Béla Tarr announced his retirement. Instead, he went on to a new phase, directing a demanding film programme, the Film Factory at the Sarajevo Film Academy. Lost in Bosnia showcases the quests of eleven young filmmakers, from Japan to Mexico, to find their voices and styles under the guidance of a master who so richly chronicled Eastern Europe in the 20th century."

Sunday, 18 January 2015

From The Ground To The Stars (Lost In Bosnia) in Trieste

Happy new year. Think back to 2014: the Institute's Mr Cole made the opening segment of an omnibus movie by students of Béla Tarr's film.factory. The segment is called From The Ground To The Stars. In Italy, they call it "Dalla terra alle stelle". The full movie, Lost In Bosnia, plays at Trieste Film Festival tomorrow.

EVENT: Lost In Bosnia
PROGRAM: Evento Speciale Cortometraggi
WHERE: Teatro Miela, Piazza Duca Degli Abruzzi 3, Trieste, Italy
WHEN: Monday, 19th January 2015, 16.00 
COST: €5

LOST IN BOSNIA - TRAILER from WideWall Studio on Vimeo.

Monday, 24 November 2014

From The Ground To The Stars (Lost In Bosnia) in Singapore

Lost In Bosnia, the omnibus picture made by students of Béla Tarr's film.factory (including opening segment by the Institute's Mr Cole), continues an impressive festival run with its Asian premiere in Singapore this weekend.

EVENT: Lost In Bosnia
PROGRAM: Imagine
WHERE: National Museum of Singapore
WHEN: Sunday, 30th November 2014, 19.00 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

The Famous Statue of Klydroshi in São Paulo

The Institute's Mr Cole has provided a quasi-historiographic text to accompany Banzai Studio and Luciano Ferrarezi's installation A Famosa Estátua de Klydroshi as part of Move! Plasticity in São Paulo.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

From The Ground To The Stars (Lost In Bosnia) in Copenhagen

Bela Tarr-mentored omnibus movie Lost In Bosnia, with opening segment by our own Mr Cole, receives its international premiere at CPH:DOX in Denmark today.

EVENT: Lost In Bosnia
Cinematket Copenhagen, Saturday 8th November 2014, 16.45
Vester Vov Vov Copenhagen, Thursday 13th November 2014, 21.15
COST: 85kr
NOTES: from the programme-

"It is said that anyone can make a film these days. It's just very few people who actually go out and make one! But under the artistic guidance of the master director Béla Tarr in connection with his latest project, 'film.factory', 11 young Bosnian filmmakers have made a collective film poem about filmmaking itself. 'Lost in Bosnia' burns with youthful energy and enthusiasm for the medium's still endless possibilities, but also with a new generation's yearning to create and define their own lives in the wake of the country's tumultuous history. Eleven chapters and eleven different takes on a present (and future), which is still taking shape. From personal and poetic moments to protest and politics. Not much more is needed than a cheap camera, a good idea and a sense of unpredictability to create a small piece of cinematic art - and to interpret reality in a cinematic form, signed by ones own creative fingerprint. 'Lost in Bosnia' is a collective poem about the very act of filmmaking at a critical, (film-)historical moment in time."

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

From The Ground To The Stars (Lost In Bosnia) in Sarajevo

Mr Cole has contributed the opening segment of a new omnibus movie made by the extended family of Béla Tarr's film.factory academy: Lost In Bosnia.

The movie was shot entirely on portable electronic devices and on the theme of filmmaking, with particular regard to the various creative and existential ponderings of film.factory's students and faculty. Mr Cole's short, From The Ground To The Stars, was made with the specific challenge: feature film.factory as a character. Like the other contributors, he was given 7 days to make his short and told to keep the project a secret from his peers.

Lost In Bosnia will premiere at the 20th Sarajevo Film Festival this weekend.

EVENT: Lost In Bosnia
WHERE: Multiplex Cinema City - Hall #5, Maršala Tita 26, Sarajevo BiH
WHEN: Sunday, 17th August 2014, 16.45
COST: 4KM (book online)
NOTES: Facebook event

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014, 95 min.

Directors: Graeme Cole, Kaori Oda, Manel Raga Raga, Namsuk Kim, Aleksandra Niemczyk, Grant Gulczynski, Fernando Nogari, Patrick Marshall, Sunčica Fradelić, Thierry Garrel, Ghazi Alqudcy

Producers: Ghazi Alqudcy, Grant Gulczynski 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

'Selfie w/ test card' in Frankfurt

Graeme Cole's videowork Selfie w/ test card will be installed as part of VKunst's exhibition Mon Amie, L'Image in Frankfurt this weekend.

WHERE: Affentor / Fahrgasse 23, Frankfurt, Germany 
WHEN: 9th-10th May 2014

"We live in pictures. They are a part of every life, and everyone has built his or her personal relationship with them. In visual art, reality and fiction become pictorial. The artist's results are manifold and direct. The picture in itself can be both friend and enemy. It is part of the family and of life. This is particularly true in the artist's view and phantasy. The artists work with the pictures in their heads every day, in nature, on the wall in front of their eyes. Friendships and relationships form. If one separates from one's work, the putative friendship lasts. To a friend one may say everything, ask him everything, love and hate him; he can be beautiful or ugly, boring or exciting. Which friend do I prefer to be seen with and which friendship is too intimate for public disclosure, or are there no boundaries at all?

"mon amie - l'image" is this year's title of vkunstfrankfurt. It is in its nature (in the nature of the case) that art is primarily a visual experience for the viewer. With this in mind, the curators of vkunstfrankfurt, Christoph von Löw and Andreas Greulich, let themselves be guided in their concept of the sensuous-pictorial aspect of video art. What meaning may the image have for the video artist? Is it just an end in itself and appearances? Is the aesthetic deliberately negated, and the improvised, i.e. the non-professional, emphasized? What does the examination of the picture of our time place emphasis on? It is the task of vkunstfrankfurt 2014 to investigate this."